Shandong Nano Company Successfully Held a Mineral Casting Technology Exchange Meeting —— JIER Machine Tool Technology Team Visited


July 5, 2024——Shandong Nano Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was honored to welcome the technical team from JIER Machine Tool today, led by Chief Engineer Shi Zong, to conduct an in-depth exchange on mineral casting technology.

First, Chairman Zhou, CEO of Shandong Nano New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech. In his speech, Chairman Zhou emphasized the core position of technological innovation in the company's development, and expressed his high recognition of the professional skills of the JIER Machine Tool team and his expectations for this technical exchange.

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During the technical exchange session, the two teams had in-depth discussions and exchanges of opinions on several key areas such as material formulation, production process and quality control. Chairman Zhou detailed the company's innovative measures to improve casting performance and the technical details of design optimization, and discussed the challenges and future development trends facing the current industry.

Mineral Casting for Machine Tool Beds

Subsequently, Mr. Shi and his team visited Nano's machining workshop and constant temperature and humidity workshop. By understanding Nano's R&D strength and production capacity on the spot, Mr. Shi and his team have a further understanding and new understanding of mineral casting technology, laying a solid foundation for the new project that both parties are about to launch.

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Nano Company expressed its sincere gratitude to the Jinan Second Machine Tool Team for their visit, and looks forward to taking this exchange as an opportunity for the two sides to carry out broader and deeper cooperation in the development and application of new material technology in the future.

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Shandong Nano Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is focused on the research and application of mineral composite materials - artificial granite/epoxy granite for machinery, providing high-end manufacturing users with one-stop solutions such as product design and processing, mold design and manufacturing, and accessories assembly services. The company is committed to promoting the upgrading of traditional manufacturing and high-tech industries by continuously improving material performance and providing technical services.

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