Congratulations on the successful acceptance of the national major special high-end CNC machine tool basic material production and application subproject in Nano


On March 7, 2024, the three-year national major project ushered in the acceptance moment. The special organizing committee came to Shandong Nano Advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd. in the afternoon to conduct the acceptance and appraisal meeting of the subproject of the demonstration platform for the production and application of key materials for high-end CNC machine tools.

As a national enterprise, Shandong Nano Company's outstanding performance in the field of basic materials has attracted much attention, and has made important contributions to the performance improvement of key functional components of CNC machine tools, becoming the leader of the industry.

The expert group spoke highly of Shandong Nano Company's research and development and innovation achievements in key materials for high-end CNC machine tools. Our solutions provide a reliable solution to the challenges of national enterprises with weak basic materials. Through our efforts, the performance of key functional components of CNC machine tools has been significantly improved, and new vitality has been injected into the development of the industry.

We are deeply honored by the panel's recognition and sincerely thank all parties for their support and cooperation. Shandong Nano company will always uphold the spirit of innovation and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the domestic CNC machine tool industry.